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Whispers from the Other Side



Echoes Of Her – Grey Sunshine:  Hauntingly Raw Alt Grunge

Posted on 21st January 2020

Iconic Grunge bands such as Alice in Chains hog pretty much all of the aural acclaim. But there are still plenty of gritty haunting soundscapes orchestrated by up and coming artists such as Echoes of Her whose work has the exact same effect.

With their standout track “Grey Sunshine” you’ll be immersed in a single which doesn’t hold back with the pensive angst. Both the cutting instrumentals and the magnetically gravely vocals will leave you doused in cathartically resonant melancholy.  The transfixingly dark meandering rhythms aren’t something we’re going to forget about in a hurry.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Brooding ambience, a dash of self-hatred, and a beautiful mixture of rock and industrial, creates a visceral atmosphere that brings back memories of the early 90s industrial scene, and pre-fame Staind...definitely recommend!

-Josef Desade



The incredible beats draw you in, and the lyrics that resonate make you crave more. With an industrial feel that I can't live without, each track brings you a bit deeper into the world of Echoes of Her and creator, Brandon Jones.

This is undeniably a one of a kind experience that should not be overlooked. You can feel the raw, powerful emotions coming through as Echoes of Her holds nothing back. Easily the best musical project I've heard in a long time.

Although it's hard to pick favorites I'd definitely say some of my most played songs are "Thr Other Side (Parallel)" and "Found (L1nkOne remix)". Each song is uniquely brilliant, I know you'll fall in love too.

- Melissa Pelcz

Deep, brooding. Every song feels emotional and personal. The kind of melodies that remind me of fragile era nine inch nails with more then a hint of a prefect circle.
This man is talented

- Kira Astistov

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